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Indeed, a lot of parents out there are still haunted by their childhood memories. Maybe you are one of them, maybe you aren’t. But one thing that is certain, we all have something that we wish our parents did better for us. The good thing about the past is that it reveals to you what not to be or what not to do in the future. And with parenting, this cannot be any truer. Our kids deserve the best, and this requires us to consciously commit to chasing away the ghosts of parenting so we can show up for our kids as no one else can.

Conscious parenting starts when we envision what we want for our kids and develop a mental map of how to get there. This will allow us to ask the right questions about our parenting styles and whether it is the best way to help our kids succeed now and in the future. These questions afford you a sense of urgency and become a rubric for self-critique to assess how far along on the journey you are. Set out to redefine what good parenting means to you, and don’t simply copy everything your parents did. Learning to see the goodness in your child, trusting and listening to them, adopting a growth mindset, learning to appreciate the small things, staying positive, and learning to heal yourself are just a few things to do as a conscious parent.

Are you ready to become a conscious parent? Has your childhood trauma been affecting your parenting style? Take our Conscious Parenting Challenge today, and embark on a new journey of parental mindfulness that is sure to strengthen your relationship and make your bond stronger than ever!



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